Workshops @ Taktung Festival 2015

Zürich, Switzerland, Grubenstrasse 15, 16th - 26th of April 2015.

All participants will receive a full pass for Taktung Festival. The festival program will be announced in early march.

«Sound-reactive light installations with Cinder»

Andrea Cuius (IT)

20th - 23th of April 2015

Image: Andrea Cuius (IT), A study of Who

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«An exploration of visual & sound interactions with creative coding»

Joanie Lemercier (FR)

25th - 26th of April 2015

Image: Joanie Lemercier (FR), Mapping Toolkit vor VVVV

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«Algorithmic Audiovisual Composition»

Tobias Reber (CH), Luis Sanz (CH)

20th - 23th of April 2015

Image: Luis Sanz (CH), 2nd July

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More about the Workshops

At Taktung Festival, there are 3 workshops focussing on rhythm in audiovisual media. The aim is to provide participants with a wide understanding of the subject and to teach skills which can be applied both in professional practice and personal artistic work. During the workshop, the teachers will lecture about the basic techniques involved, and support the participants to realize their own project proposals. At the end of every workshop, the results can be presented to the visitors of the Taktung exhibition, and there will be a chance to socialize and to exchange ideas.

The first workshop, "sound reactive light installations with Cinder" with Andrea Cuius revolves around the figure of sound in light installations. In the workshop "sonification of graphics and patterns" with Joanie Lemercier, image information is converted into sound, and the workshop "Algorithmic audiovisual composition" with Tobias Reber and Luis Sanz revolves around the development of algorithmic compositions with audio-visual output .

The workshops are paid workshops and places to these are very limited and are aimed at technically savvy individuals who are already dealing with light or sound in the broadest sense. Preference is given to participants depending on the requirements of the workshop.

End of applications

5th of March 2015


In the case, that there are not enough participants, the workshops can be canceled. This will be communcated until the 15th of march 2015.