Our aim is to visualize and impart current and past developments, tools and techniques in the live-video subculture.

Applications of live-video are becoming increasingly important in the global cultural scene. Professional video-devices and video-software are more affordable and simple to operate, which is broadening the user-group. New fields of application for live-video are also constantly emerging. A new cultural technique, a new field of work, is developing. This field of work is increasingly employed by creative artists, but the public at large has little or no insight into these developments.

Through our institute, we seek to provide both newcomers and the interested community with a framework to start their first live-video projects, or improve their existing live-video applications and workflows. We also aim to broaden the topic's accessibility.

Share knowledge and insights about live-video

Access to the cultural diversity and the developments of live-video on a global scale provides us with the opportunity to enter foreign life-worlds. It also allows us to explore special and deviant concepts and understandings of design processes in the domain of live-video.