Image: Andrea Cuius, A study of Who

«Sound-reactive light installations with Cinder»

Andrea Cuius (IT)

20th - 23th of April 2015

| 300 €

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This workshop will give you a wide overview on Cinder, lighting and sound analysis, focusing on both real-time and offline methods.

You will learn how to design, develop and run a real-time system to map sound and lights using Cinder and the standard DMX protocol.

We will talk about the challenges of designing and working in a real space, giving you an overview of the workflow from start to finish.

Participants will team up in groups of 2-3 people to work on a sound-reactive project of their choice. Before starting the project we will discuss the concept and address the technical requirements needed.

We encourage you to bring your own equipment and integrate it in the project.


- Basic C++ knowledge (Cinder or Openframeworks)

- Cinder 0.8.6, Visual Studio 2012 or XCode6

- Headphones

- Ethernet cable(>=2m)

- 3D design software(optional)


(10:00 am to 18:00 am, with midday break)

Day 1: Introduction, Cinder Basics

Day 2: Sound-analysis and DMX, discussing individual projects

Day 3: Working on individual projects

Day 4: Working on individual projects, closing discussion

About the lecturer:

Andrea Cuius

Andrea Cuius works with a range of technologies to create unique experiences and connections between objects, audiences and environments.

For Andrea, it is the all-encompassing space that carries importance in his line of work, as it is the sole carrier and deliverer of his medium, light. His ability to process different technologies, gives his work a 360-degree dimension, where its essence of light turns user complexity into easy navigation of luminosity.

In 2011 he founded Nocte, a digital arts and creative solutions studio based in London. With an emphasis on live shows and theatre productions, the studio's focus lies in the creation of responsive environments, through the development of creative software, light installations and visuals.

The ability of not only conceiving ideas but also implementing them from start to finish has allowed Nocte to constantly explore new ways of putting concepts into actual practice and to collaborate on a variety of artistic disciplines and commercial projects.

More about Nocte on their website


Image: Andrea Cuius, A Man Named Zero

Image: Andrea Cuius, A study of Who

Image: Andrea Cuius, Mount Kimbie

Image: Andrea Cuius, Mount Kimbie

Image: Andrea Cuius, Mount Kimbie

Image: Andrea Cuius